April 16, 2017

RV Bey Publications ‘Right to Travel’ Card Bogus Case Law

The Fallacies Embedded in RV Bey Publications ‘Right to Travel’ Card First, no Right is absolute and unqualified. For example, one of our most sacred Rights, […]
August 8, 2016

Pt. 2 | Is the U.S. Federal Corporation the same as for-profit company?

From the “Sovereign Citizen” Community came many claims, one being “the United States is a Corporation.” The implication and the often outright assertion is that the […]
August 8, 2016

Is the United States a corporation like McDonald’s or Walmart?

  Note: This article was not produced by the Moorish Science Temple of America but the Moorish Science Temple of America agrees with the information in […]
September 21, 2015

Ben Carson’s shameful anti-Moslem pandering

Ben Carson’s shameful anti-Moslem pandering  Islam, Peace, and Greetings to you all. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free […]
July 10, 2015

Noble Drew Ali’s historical messages and warnings to America

The below represents a series of articles published by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the first to bring a true conscious awakening to our people here in […]
July 5, 2015

The 14th amendment is law. Refuting sovereignty conspiracy theorist

The 14th Amendment IS Law, Constitutional, and was Ratified July 9, 1868 by Three Fourths of the States. By C. Harrison Bey   “The 14th and […]
May 24, 2015

“Moor” or “Moorish”. Which should we be called?

“Moor” or “Moorish”. Which should we be called? By Sheik Way-El Islam, Peace, and Greetings to you all. In the debunking of the claims made by […]
May 22, 2015

KKK’s J.B. Stoner’s letter to Elijah Muhammad of the NOI.

This is a letter taken from Elijah Muhammad’s book Message to the Blackman in America. This letter was written by J.B. Stoner, racist Klan member of […]
May 22, 2015

Debunking sovereignty myths: RV Bey pubs false information. Pt. 1

Preface from the Grand Sheik. This note marks a much needed series that will be undertaken by the new Moors of the Moorish Science Temple of […]
May 6, 2015


May 2, 2015

Marylin Mosby: A beacon of real hope and change and an example to be followed

The 35-year-old prosecutor announced Friday that Freddie Gray’s death was being treated as a homicide   Up until late last year, Marilyn J. Mosby was a […]
May 2, 2015

Baltimore, U.S.A.: An open wound and the healing balm.

The situation in Baltimore which arose from the death of Freddie Gray, a 25 year old Moorish American man, like Ferguson and Staten Island, New York, […]
March 12, 2015

So just who is this Noble Drew Ali?

Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the last Prophet of Allah for these days and times. A true Angel in the flesh and the first and only to […]
March 2, 2015

Meet the Moor who modernized Freemasonic thought

    Meet one of the greatest Moors that you have probably never heard of, Angelo Soliman, born Mmadi Make c. 1721-1796  in present-day northeastern Nigeria/northern Cameroon. He […]
March 2, 2015

Tracing the word Islam.

March 2, 2015

Islam was founded by the Moors of Arabia.

“Islam is yours, that is why you don’t recognize it” ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali ​ We rise giving all praise to Allah and the highest honors […]
March 2, 2015

Historical Moabites and Canaanites vs. Biblical Moab and Canaan.

You are the Canaanites and Moabites Moabite warrior or God. 3000-2500 B.C. “You are what your ancient forefathers were without doubt or contradiction…” ​ In this […]
March 2, 2015

Justice Taney; A supreme liar and racist.

Justice Taney
March 2, 2015

The true history of the Moors. What you were never taught in school.

This is one of the most elusive questions that stumps today’s Moor. I say today’s Moor because it was not up until recently that our people […]
March 2, 2015

You are not black; Analyzing the divisive race scheme. Pt. 1

March 2, 2015

American founding fathers included Islam

Not only did Thomas Jefferson own a Koran, he was also a staunch proponent for the inclusion of Mohammedan’s as recognized citizens of the fledgling  Republic. […]
February 21, 2015

Marcus Garvey, the Forerunner to Noble Drew Ali? Here’s how.

  Why is Marcus Garvey called the Harbinger (forerunner) in the Moorish Science Temple of America? “In these modern days there came a forerunner of Jesus […]

The below represents a series of articles published by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the first to bring a true conscious awakening to our people here in the West. These articles were published in our Moorish Guide newspapers during the times of 1927-1928. Many people have no clue as to what the man actually said himself, we mainly rely on the words of people that have either exaggerated, misapplied, or down right distorted the teachings of this Great Man. We bring to you his words raw and uncut so that you may know the proper direction we as Moors, who are in-fact American citizens, need to be moving in as opposed to the hateful and useless rhetoric that we have been accustomed to for so many decades which has led us absolutely nowhere as a whole.


Grand Sheik Way-El



In connection with the aims, objects, rules and regulations of the Moorish Science Temple of America. I deem It proper to submit to you a brief statement of our organization, covering Its inception, rise and progress and of the Mohammedan religion, which I hope will be satisfactory to you and be the means of causing you at all times to adhere to the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice in your relations with mankind in general. I further, most anxiously hope this brief statement will help you to more clearly see the duty and wisdom of at all times upholding those fundamental principles which are desired for our civilization of our posterity, such as obedience to law, respect and loyalty to government, tolerance, and unity. We organized as the Moorish Temple of Science in the year of 1925, and were legally incorporated as a civic organization under the laws of the State of Illinois, November 29th, 1926. The name Moorish Temple of Science changed to the Moorish Science Temple of America, May 1928, in accordance with the legal requirements of the Secretary of the State of Illinois. The object of our Organization is to help in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity and teach those things necessary to make our members better citizens. A National organization with a Rotarian complexion as it relates to branch Temples became obvious with the increasing number of inquiries from men and women in different sections of the country concerning the purpose of the organization. There are branch Temples in fifteen (15) different states at this time. Since the work of the Moorish Science Temple of America was largely religious, the organization has been legally changed to a religious corporation and an affidavit to this effect has been properly filed in the Cook County Recorder’s office in Illinois.

Inspired by the lofty teachings of the Koran, we have it as the revealed word of God Allah. We shall foster the principles of its teachings among our members. This is our religious privilege as American citizens, under the laws of one of the greatest documents of all time-the American Constitution. The Mohammedan religion is the least appreciated and probably the most misunderstood of the world’s great religions. This is especially true in our western world. Try to understand what Mohammedanism stands for, and some of the things it has contributed to the world. Mohammed was the founder of the Mohammedan religion. It originated thirteen centuries ago on the Arabian Peninsula, where the streams of commerce and culture met and mingled in the middle ages, where the markets of exchange were stationed for treasures of India and the products of the Mediterranean coasts. There, this religion was established in the unprecedented short period of twenty years, and unlike many other religions, without the aid of any royal patronage and support. Buddhism had its Asoka: Judaism its Joshua: Christianity its Constantine: but Mohammedanism had no person of royal rank and power to assist in its establishment and spread. Today this religion is acknowledged by nearly two hundred and fifty million souls and extends over an area equal to one-third of the globe. From Arabia it spread eastward over Persia, Turkestan, Afghanistan, westward across Syria, Asia Minor, Turkey; southward to Africa, covering more than half of that continent. It found its way to India, and beyond, to the Islands of Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. To the early representatives of this faith the world’s debt is incalculably great. For it was they who transmitted the treasures of Greek literature from the middle ages to the Renaissance; they who originated the graceful forms of which the Taj Mahal and the Alhambra are the most famous examples. It was they who contributed to the sciences of algebra and chemistry, astronomy, and medicine; they who dotted the Saracen Empire with universities and who built at Bagdad and Cairo the most renowned universities of the world. During those centuries of ecclesiastical despotism when the Christian church suppressed all intellectual activities save those that were theological, causing the talent that reproduces to supplant the genius that creates. Mohammedans did all in their power to encourage and stimulate research in every branch of human inquiry. The Moors or Mohammedans added to the beauty and grandeur of Spain. For centuries art, science, literature, and chivalry flourished among them, while the rest of Europe was still sunk in the gloom of the Dark Ages. The Moors were the most ingenious and industrious of the subjects of Spain. Their expulsion from Spain in 1610 was one of the chief causes of decadence of that country, for both agriculture and industry fell into decay after their departure.

Mohammedanism makes no distinction between high and low, rich and poor; it is like the sky, it has room for all. The Koran should be of interest to all readers. It is the Bible of the Mohammedans, ruling over the customs and actions of over 200 millions of people. It is a work of importance whether considered from a religious philosophical or literary viewpoint.

In the promotion of plans for the betterment of mankind, there has ever been some kind of opposition. And strange as it may seem, such opposition has come from sources where there were no ideas or the lack of courage to force attention to ideas. Whether in church, state or the social community, any attempt to do anything out of the usual way, seldom fails to receive criticism. Not because the course cannot be pursued legally or that it is unreasonable, but because it has been considered in terms as new. The Moorish Science Temple of America has received some opposition and criticism. In the main the opposition has come from certain Christian ministers. They have expressed themselves as being opposed to our propagation of the Mohammedan religion. Possibly because the promotion of the Mohammedan faith among our people in the United States is considered by them in terms as something new. Whatever the reasons may be for their opposition, the legal right to oppose citizens, individuals and organizations alike for their religious belief does not exist in the United States. The door of religious freedom made by the American Constitution swings open to all, and people may enter through it and worship as they desire. Without religious freedom, no search for truth would be possible; without religious freedom, no discovery of truth would be useful; without religious freedom, religious progress would be checked and we would no longer march forward toward the nobler life which the future holds for the races of men; without religious freedom, there would be no inspiration to lift our heads and gaze with fearlessness into the vast beyond, seeking a hope eternal.. It is a sad weakness in us after all, to oppose our fellowmen for their religious beliefs, and if there are angels who record the sorrows of men as well as their sins, they certainly know how many and deep are the useless sorrows that spring forth from such opposition. Possibly, love and time will cancel our ancient hatreds in this regard and prove that in mankind, tolerance is better than unwarranted opposition.

In connection with our religious aims and beliefs, we must promote economic security. The preaching of economic security among us is by no means as widespread and intensive as the circumstances demand. No other one thing is more needed among us at this time than greater economic, power. Better positions for our men and women, more business employment for our boys and girls and bigger incomes will follow our economic security. We shall be secure in nothing until we have economic power. A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can they attain to a genuine enjoyment of the spiritualties of life. Our men, women and children should be taught to believe in the capacity of our group to succeed in business, in spite of the trials and failures of some of them. Trials and failures in business are by no means confined to any particular group of people. Some business ventures of all people fail. We have many men and women among our people who are qualified, both by training and experience, who are shining lights in the business world of all the people. It is a sad weakness in us as a people that we have withheld the very encouragement, support and patronage that would have made some of our worthy business ventures a grand success. And worst of all, have joined in the condemnations of them when they failed. Except in cases of actual dishonesty, discourtesy, lack of service and actual unreliability, our business enterprises in every field of endeavor should have lulled of confidence cooperation and patronage whenever and wherever they can be given. Read carefully the doctrines of The Moorish Science Temple of America. It contains our hopes, aims, rules and articles of religion. Every member should have a copy.

In conclusion, I urge you to remember there is work enough for all to do in helping to build a better world. The problems of life are largely social and economic. In a profound sense, they are moral and spiritual. Have lofty conceptions of your duties to your country and fellowman in general and especially those with whom you deal. This includes such honesty and righteousness as will cause you to put yourself in the other fellow’s place. Look for the best in others and give them the best that is in you. Have a deeper appreciation for womanhood. Brighten the hopes of our youth in order that their courage be increased to dare and do wondrous things. Adhere at all times to the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice. I am your affectionate leader. I shall continue to labor day and night, both in public and private, for your good, thereby contributing to the welfare of our country and its people as a whole. NOBLE DREW ALI



Our Divine and National Movement stands for the specific grand principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, and I, The Prophet, am applying to all loyal, faithful Moors, members, and the American citizens to help me in my great uplifting acts of uplifting fallen humanity among the Asiatic race and nation, for I have suffered much and severely in the past through misunderstanding of what the movement was dedicated to. It is the Great God Allah, alone that guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement. I know all true American citizens are identified by national descent names to answer and apply to the free national constitution of this free National Republic of the United States of America. That’s why I am calling on all true national citizens to help me morally and financially in my great work I am doing to help this national government. For without a free national name, without a descent flag of your forefathers, there is not a national divine title of the government in which we live. This is from your true and Divine Prophet unto all American and foreign sympathizers. PROPHET NOBLE DREW ALI



The citizens of all free national governments according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national name. Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables, and are subject to all inferior names and abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the names and the principles that delude to slavery. I, the Prophet, was prepared by the Great God Allah to warn my people to repent from their sinful ways and go back to that state of mind to their forefathers Divine and National principles that they will be law-abiders and receive their divine right as citizens, according to the free national constitution that was prepared for all free national beings. They are to claim their own free national name and religion. There is but one issue for them to be recognized by this government and of the earth and it comes only through the connection of the Moorish Divine National Movement, which is incorporated in this government and recognized by all other nations of the world. And through it they and their children can receive their Divine rights, unmolested by other citizens that they can cast a free national ballot at the polls under the free national constitution of the States Government and not under a granted privilege as has been the existing condition for many generations. You who doubt whether I, the Prophet, and my principles are right for the redemption of my people, go to those that know law, in the City Hall and among the officials in your government and ask them under an intelligent tone, and they will be glad to render you a favorable reply, for they are glad to see me bring you out of darkness into light. Money doesn’t make the man, it is free national standards and power that makes a man and a nation. The wealth of all national governments, gold and silver and commerce belong to the citizens alone and without your national citizenship by name and principles, you have no true wealth, and I am hereby calling on all true citizens that stand for a National Free Government, and the enforcement of the constitution to help me in my great missionary work because I need all support from all true American citizens of the United States of America. Help me to save my people who have fallen from the constitutional laws of the government. I am depending on your support to get them back to the constitutional fold again that they will learn to love instead of hate, and will live according to Love, Truth, Peace. Freedom, and Justice, supporting our free national constitution of the United States of America. I love my people and I desire their unity and mine back to their own free National and Divine standard because day by day they have been violating the national and constitutional laws of their government by claiming names and principles that are unconstitutional. If Italians, Greeks, English, Chinese, Japanese, Turks, and Arabians are forced to proclaim their free national name and religion before the constitutional government of the United States of America, it is no more than right that the law should be enforced upon all other American citizens alike. In all other governments when a man is born and raised there and asked for his national descent name and if he fails to give it, he is misused, imprisoned, or exiled. Any group of people that fail to answer up to the constitutional standards of law by name and principles, because to be a citizen of any government you must claim your national descent name. Because they place their trust upon issue and names formed by their forefathers. The word Negro deludes in the Latin language to the word nigger; the same as the word “colored”‘ deludes to anything that is painted, varnished and dyed. And every nation must bear a national descent name of their forefathers, because honoring thy fathers and thy mothers, your days will be lengthened upon this earth. These names have never been recognized by any true American citizens of this day. Through your free national name you are known and recognized by all nations of the earth that are recognized by said national government in which they live. The 14th and 15th Amendments brought the North and South in unit, placing the Southerners who were at that time without power, with the constitutional body of power. And at that time, 1865. The free national constitutional law that was enforced since 1774 declared all men equal and free, and if all men are declared by the free national constitution to be free and equal since that constitution has never been changed, there is no need for the application of the 14th and 15th Amendments for the salvation of our people and citizens.

So, there isn’t but one supreme issue for my people to use to redeem that which was lost, and that is through the above statements. Then the lion and the lamb can lie down together in yonder hills. And neither will be harmed because Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice will be reigning in this land. In those days the United States will be one of the greatest civilized and prosperous governments of the world. But if the above principles are not carried out by the citizens and my people in this government, the worst is yet to come, because the Great God of the Universe is not pleased with the works that are being performed in North America by my people and this great sin must be removed from the land to save it from enormous earthquakes, diseases, etc. And I, the Prophet, do herein believe that this administration of the government being more wisely prepared by more genius citizens that believe in their free national constitution and laws and through the help of such classes of citizens. I, the Prophet, truly believe that my people will find the true and Divine way of their forefathers, and learn to stop serving carnal customs and merely ideas of man, that have never done them any good, but have always harmed them. So, I, the Prophet, am hereby calling aloud with a Divine plea to all true American citizens to help me to remove this great sin which has been committed and is being practiced by my people in the United States of America, because they know it is not the true and Divine way and without understanding they have fallen from the true light into utter darkness of sin, and there is not a nation on earth today that will recognize them socially, religiously, politically or economically, etc. in their present condition of their endeavorment in which they themselves try to force upon a civilized world, they will not refrain from their sinful ways of action and their deeds have brought Jim-Crowism, segregation, and everything that brings harm to human beings on earth. And they fought the Southerner for all these great misuses, but I have traveled in the South and have examined conditions there, and it is the works of my people continuously practicing the things which bring dishonor, disgrace, and disrespect to any nation that lives the life. And I am hereby calling on all true American citizens for moral support and finance to help me in my great missionary work to bring my people out of darkness into marvelous light. -FROM THE PROPHET.