Islam, peace, and greetings to you all.

This exegetical essay is created to inform those whom are unaware of the way we Moorish American Moslems view Allah. This view comes from the doctrinal perspective of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Many have erroneously intimated that the Moorish American Moslems worship a “mystery/spook” God. For this cause, this essay has been compiled. Most are wholly oblivious to the doctrine of the Moorish American Moslems and so their claims are based on guess work from seeing one or two lines or excerpts of said doctrine which they have taken completely out of context or, even worst, believing what someone else has said without taking the time out to do the knowledge themselves and so this Moorish Scientist, Grand Sheik Way-El, will give you his personal breakdown/interpretation of said doctrine to prove that the Moorish American Moslems DO NOT worship a spook god.  Our Moorish American Questionnaire reads:

  1. Who made you? Allah.
  2. Who is Allah? Allah is the Father of the universe.
  3. Can we see him? No.
  4. Where is the nearest place that we can meet him? In the heart.

For question and answer number 3, the erroneous claim is made by brothers of certain organizations, usually in the spirit of competitive banter (the Koran of Mecca says debate in the best of manners 16:125), and it is they who say that we worship a spook/mystery god and this is just not the case and this is what this exposition is dedicated to.

So who is Allah? Is Allah an invisible entity? Is he a spook that lives somewhere in the sky? Is Allah an anthropomorphic being (half man and half animal)? Is Allah a sundry polymorphous figure (can take on different forms) who is expressed in a series of lesser Gods?  Is Allah a man? What exactly is Allah who is also called by the general title of God by the Christians and various names by various nations? In this exegesis, we will use our reason and logic, based on our doctrine, coupled with other ancient mystery systems like that of the ancient Egyptians and how they viewed God (Allah) to show and prove just who and what Allah is.

In the Moorish doctrine we are taught “Finite minds cannot comprehend things infinite”, so this topic in and of itself is merely a compendium of doctrinal information cross referenced by various archaic sources on how man viewed that which is incomprehensible to their perception. First, let us take a look at the lessons (cf. “LOST-FOUND MUSLIM LESSON NO. 2,” also called “1-40”) of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths (also called 5%ers) as this seems to be the main source of reference breeding the contention when speaking on this mystery god as they call it. It says in part:

“There is not a mystery God. The Son of man has searched for that mystery God for trillions of years and was unable to find a mystery God.  So they have agreed that the only God is the Son of man. So they lose no time searching for that that does not exist…To conceal the True God, which is the Son of man, and make slaves out of the 85% by keeping them worshiping something he knows they cannot see (invisible) and he lives and makes himself rich from their labor… He believes in the 10% on face value…Who is the 10%? ANS. The rich; the slave-makers of the poor; who teach the poor lies — to believe that the Almighty, True and Living God is a spook and cannot be seen by the physical eye. Other wise known as:  The Blood-Suckers Of The Poor.”

Moorish American Moslems teach that Allah is the all of everything and yet, he is not separate and apart from us. We do not teach that Allah is some being that lives in a mansion somewhere in the sky that brings fortunes to a few, and misfortune, pain and discontentment to everyone else whom he jealously demands to follow his dictates. To the contrary, we do not believe nor advocate that Allah is a “spook god” in the sense of misunderstood Mohammedan Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in their regular promotion of the God-Allah. We do not teach that a spook, by directions of his whims, causes it to rain hail snow and earthquakes, we do teach however that Allah is the causeless cause and the rootless root from which all things are grown and so if it not for Allah creating the planet earth, there would be no rain hail snow and earthquakes. We do not teach these teachings to become blood suckers of the poor because there is no gain to be made from the ACTUAL FACTS concerning this topic. If you are speaking about the gods of those religions, then they do not apply to the Moorish American Moslems and this in and of itself is an actual fact. We teach that Allah is the HIGHER SELF within man and that man is a “co-creator” with Allah. Click here to read the doctrine of the Moorish Science Temple of America. 

It is reported that in a correspondence with an orthodox Moslem named Saati Majid who challenged the Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s prophethood, that the Prophet said to him concerning the object of worship (Allah) pertaining to Saati Majid’s form of Mohammedanism and his view of Allah that:

“The object of worship in Islam has no eye with which it sees and no intelligence with which it reasons, nor any ear with which it hears, nor does it have power; it is nothing but fantasy, shot through with hocus pocus.”[1]

Now if we are to accept Satti Majid’s accounts about Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s response to him as facts, and if one looks at the Moorish doctrine and couple that up with certain information expounding on Allah and Islam in the Moorish literature (the same thing is said in Ch. 3:17-20 of our Holy Moorish Koran), it is further proof that the Prophet did not bring to the Moors a teaching of a spook god. Such a claim is emphatically false! The Moorish doctrine teaches that man must be the message that he brings and since the Prophet brought to us the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, we find this message expressed in our lessons at Ch. 3 vv. 17-22 of said book:

Chapter III

Elihu’s Lessons – The Unity Of Life

“Men seek salvation from an evil that they deem a living monster of the nether world; and they have gods that are but demons in disguise; all powerful, yet full of jealousy and hate and lust; Whose favors must be bought with costly sacrifice of fruits, and of the lives of birds, and animals, and human kind. And yet these gods possess no ears to hear, no eyes to see, no heart to sympathize, no power to save. This evil is a myth; these gods are made of air, clothed with shadows of a thought. The only devil from which men must be redeemed is self, the lower self. If man would find his devil he must look within; his name is self. If man would find his savior he must look within; and when the demon self has been dethroned the savior, Love, will be exulted to the throne of power.”

In the above cited verse, we see that according to our doctrine, and our Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, that Allah, according to the Moorish American Moslems is not some spook being that cannot be seen, heard, or felt but that our God, Allah, resides within all and all is one with Allah. We do understand however, that man in his physical form is not the all of Allah and, in his physical form, is not the creator or life giver of other physical living entities (besides other humans) in our known existence on the plane of things made manifest. We teach that “man is not the body or the soul, but a spirit and a part of Allah.” (Ch. 1 HKMSTA). We do teach that physical man has the potential to be a co-creator with Allah and that whatever he may so will, he can bring into fruition; but we do not teach that physical man is all of Allah, such a teaching is fallacious. Physical man was given dominion over all of the earth and the reason-faculty of Allah is imbued within him which gives him this power. If we are saying that physical man is God and only God, then YOU would have to answer some fundamental questions:

  1. How did YOU create the planet earth?
  2. How did YOU create the birds, animals, insects, trees, and other living things?
  3. Where did YOU live before the planet earth was created?
  4. What were YOU standing on when you created the planet earth?
  5. What was YOUR state or form of existence if it was not a physical thing like the arm, leg, leg, arm, head, and trunk/body that you have now?

If ye be gods, then surely you can answer these questions with scientific detail and mathematical exactitude. 

We Moorish American Moslems teach that “Now, men and birds and beasts and creeping things are deities, made flesh…” The absolute truth is that, all things, every physical thing in existence is made up of sub-atomic energy that scientists also call quanta. This energy cannot be seen, only detected by what it produces i.e. quarks, hadrons, atoms, molecules; to man and birds and beasts and insects etc. We call this energy HOLY BREATH because finite minds cannot comprehend things infinite and for this reason, a physical creation necessitates and presupposes a physical creator and so Man in his limited frame of mind, names the parts of god that we are feebly able to comprehend. Because of Man’s limited frame of mind, doubt must see its god. We prove this by simply viewing one of the greatest mystery systems the world has ever known. That mystery system is ancient Egypt. We use this system in this instance because our Egyptian ancestors personified the fact that Allah/God, was all and one and when our lessons say “Now, men and birds and beasts and creeping things are deities, made flesh…” our Moorish forefathers of Egypt exemplified this by showing Allah manifested in many forms of life that was deified in their, our ancient ancestors religious system.


Various forms of animal life and insects deified by the Egyptians

To the great and supreme power which made the earth, the heavens, the sea, the sky, men and woman, animals and birds, and creeping things, all that is and all that shall be, the Egyptians gave the name Neter. The name Neter encompasses a number of beings to which Egyptologists universally translate as the word “Gods.” Among these must be included the great cosmic powers and the beings who, although held to be supernatural, were yet finite and mortal, and were endowed by the Egyptians with love, hatred, and passions of every sort and kind. The Egyptians did however make a determination between Neter the one supreme God, and the Neteru, who were faculties of the one supreme God but still Gods in their own right. In the Moorish doctrine, we call these creator Gods the SEVEN EYES OF ALLAH or the ELOHIM.

In 1860, Emmanuel de Rougé, a famous French Egyptologist wrote:

“Unity of a supreme and self-existent being, his eternity, his almightiness, and external reproduction thereby as God; the attributing of the creation of the world and of all living things to this supreme God; the immortality of the soul completed by the dogma of punishments and rewards; such is the sublime and persistent base which, notwithstanding all deviations and all mythological embellishments, must secure further beliefs of the ancient Egyptians a most honorable place among the religions of antiquity.”[2]

Continuing from the above reference, it speaks about how nine years later he developed this view and discussed the difficulty of reconciling the belief in the unity of God with the polytheism which existed in Egypt from earliest times, and he repeated his conviction that the Egyptians believed in a self-existent God who was one being who had created man and who had endowed him with an immortal soul. In fact, de Rouge amplifies what Champollion-Figeac (relying upon his brothers information) wrote in 1839; “the Egyptian religion is a pure monotheism which manifested itself externally by a symbolic polytheism.” M. Paul Pierret adopts the view that the texts show us that the Egyptians believed in one infinite and eternal God who was without a second, and he repeats Champollion’s pronouncement. But the most recent supporter of the monotheistic is Dr. Brugsch who has collected a number of striking passages from the text. From these passages we may select the following:

“God is one and alone, and none other existeth with Him-God is the One, the One who that made all things – God is a spirit, a hidden spirit, the spirit of spirits, the great spirit of the Egyptians, the divine spirit-God is from the beginning, and He hath been from the beginning, He hath existed from old and was when nothing else had being. He existed when nothing else existed, and what existeth, He created after He had come into being, He is the Father of beginnings – God is the eternal One, He is eternal and infinite and endureth forever and aye – God is hidden and no man knoweth his form. No man hath been able to seek out His likeness; He is hidden to gods and men, and He is a mystery unto His creatures. No man knoweth how to know Him – His name remaineth hidden; his name is a mystery unto His children. His names are innumerable, they are manifold and none knoweth their number – God is truth and He liveth by truth and He feedeth thereon. He is the king of truth, and He hath stablished the earth thereupon – God is life and through Him only man liveth. He giveth life to man, He breatheth the breath of life into his nostrils – God is father and mother, the father of fathers, and the mother of mothers. He begetteh, but was never begotten; He produceth, but was never produced; He begat himself and produced himself. He createth, but was never created; He is the maker of his own form, and the fashioner of His own body – God Himself is existence, He endureth without increase or diminution, He multiplieth Himself millions of times, and He is manifold in forms and in members – God hath made the universe, and He hath created all that therein is; He is the Creator of what is in this world, and of what was, of what is, and of what shall be. He is the Creator of the heavens, and of the earth, and of the deep, and of the water, and of the mountains. God hath stretched out the heavens and founded the earth – what His heart conceived straightway came to pass, and when He hath spoken, it cometh to pass and endureth for ever – God is the father of the Gods; He fashioned men and formed the gods – God is merciful unto those who reverence Him and He heareth him that calleth upon Him, and He protecteth him that followeth Him.”[3] [added emphasis mines]

In analyzing the above interpretations from these early Egyptologists concerning the nature of the One-God and its attributes which is eerily similar to what the Moorish American concept of God is, and just about every other system that sprang from our ancient systems, we understand the conception of the many God heads expressed throughout the religions of the world. The Egyptians understood that God truly had no physical attributes and yet, all physical attributes were a product of him. Budge concluded that all texts from all periods declares that the sun is the first personification of God and so the sun was given adulation and reverence as being in the form of the one God and that every physical aspect comes from the sun. We reconcile this observation in our Moorish doctrine with the one exception that we do not worship the sun. The Moorish doctrine reads at chapter 35 verses 2-3:

“The sun is not Allah, though his noblest image. He enlighteneth the world with his brightness; his warmth giveth life to the products of the earth. Admire him as the creature, the instrument of Allah, but worship him not. To the one who is supreme, most wise and beneficent, and to Him alone, belong worship, adoration, thanks giving and praise.”

We Moorish Scientists reason out that the sun is not the object of worship, as it is merely an instrument of Allah and if it is a product of Allah, then no worship shall be given it, but admiration for what it does and what it represents. We shall worship Allah (God) alone, for it is he who created the sun.

The above cited verse by the Egyptologist Brugsch, gives us the overall view of the Egyptian ideas of God, Gods, and Goddesses, and it matches up with the idea of All being One as is expressed in the Koran of Mohammad, in contrast with the lesser Gods whom are manifest in the physical world, being expressed as the Angels like Gabri’el etc. The Egyptian view of the ONE SUPREME GOD does however match the Islamic view of Allah as being the ALL and creator of All. Wallace Budge concluded that:

“The reader has now before the main points of the evidence concerning the Egyptians’ notions about God, and the cosmic powers and the phases, and the anthropomorphic creations with which they peopled the other world, all of which have been derived from the native literature of ancient Egypt. The different interpretations which different Egyptologists have placed upon the facts demonstrate the difficulty of the subject. Speaking generally, the interpreters may be divided into two classes; those who credit the Egyptians with a number of abstract ideas about God and the creation of the world and the future life, which are held to be essentially the product of modern Christian nations; and those who consider the mind of the Egyptian as that of a half-savage being to whom occasional glimmerings of spiritual light were vouchsafed from time to time. All eastern nations have experienced difficulty in separating spiritual from corporeal conceptions, and the Egyptian is no exception to the rule; but if he preserved the gross idea of a primeval existence with the sublime idea of God which he manifests in writings of a later date, it seems that this is due more to his reverence for hereditary tradition than to ignorance. Without attempting to decide the questions which have presented difficulties to the greatest thinkers among Egyptologists, it may safely be said that the Egyptian whose mind conceived the existence of an unknown, inscrutable, eternal and infinite god, who was One – whatever the word One may mean here–and who himself believed in a future life to be spent in a glorified body in heaven, was not a being whose spiritual needs would be satisfied by a belief in gods who could eat, and drink, love and hate, and fight and grow old and die. He was unable to describe the infinite God, himself, being finite, and it is not surprising that he should, in some respects have made him in his own image.[4] [added emphasis mines]

So here, we see, based on the collective opinions of early Egyptologists and expressed by Budge, the very thing that we Moorish Americans echo, to which I have expressed above from the lessons taught in the Moorish Science Temple of America, and that is “finite minds cannot comprehend things infinite.” Not even the greatness of the Egyptians with all of their wisdom, were able conceive of the great one that is called by us, Allah and so they gave him a name and attributes like every other civilization before it, and after it has. In the Moorish Holy Koran, Ch. 10, vv. 11-24, a lawyer asks Jesus:

 “tell who is this Allah you speak about; where are His priests, His temples and His shrines?” And Jesus said: “The Allah I speak about is everywhere; He cannot be compassed with walls, nor hedged about with bounds of any kind. All people worship Allah, the One; but all the people see Him not alike. This universal Allah is wisdom, will and love. All men see not the Triune Allah. One sees Him as Allah of might; another as Allah of thought; another as Allah of love. A man’s ideal is his God, and so, as man unfolds, his God unfolds. Man’s God today, tomorrow is not God. The nations of the earth see Allah from different points of view, and so He does not seem the same to every one. Man names the part of Allah he sees, and this to him is all of Allah; and every nation sees a part of Allah, and every nation has a name for Allah. You Brahmans call Him Parabrahm; in Egypt he is Thoth; and Zeus is His name in Greece, Jehovah is His Hebrew name; but everywhere He is the causeless cause, the rootless root from which all things have grown. When men are afraid of Allah and take Him for a foe, they dress up other men in fancy garbs and call them priests. And charge them to restrain the wrath of Allah by prayers and when they fail to win His favour by their prayers, to buy Him off with sacrifice of animals or birds. When man sees Allah as one with him, as Father Allah, he needs no middle man, no priest to intercede. He goes straight up to Him and says, ‘My Father God, Allah!’ and then he lays his hand in Allah’s own hand, and all is well. And this is Allah. You are, each one, a priest, just for yourself…”

Evidently, we Moorish American Moslems understand how man is supposed to look at God and we understand to a degree, the very essence of Allah insofar as our finite minds can comprehend. In our questionnaire, we say that we AT TIMES, refer to the great God of the universe by the name of ALLAH, thus showing and proving that we view Allah in the same way as the Egyptians and every other cultured nation, and that is, Allah, or any name of God, is merely a finite title and that it is impossible to label the all of all with a mere title or name however, in our limited capacity, we see Allah in the way that we are able to perceive because perception is the only reality on this plane of things made manifest (physical). A TRUE MYSTERY GOD in the sense that my brothers in the aforementioned organizations that have leveled this charge that we worship a spook god, is the god that man himself concocts; a god who is full of jealousy, rage, pride, and war like attributes who chooses to protect one portion of humanity while destroying another and we have just demonstrated in our doctrine that this is emphatically false and not what we worship. Such a claim is fallacious in regards to the Moorish American Moslems.

This is further proven when we look at what the ancient Egyptians actually called this energy, the Universal Breath if you will. They called it SHETAI or SHETUAT NETER[5]. From page 23 of Wallace’s Budge’s book From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt we read:


Surely the ancient Egyptians, the great builders of empires and keepers of the most mystic information of the ages, have displayed more degrees of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, than the brothers claiming that we worship a spook god, and, those who say that there is no existence of God outside of man. It was their (the Egyptians) understanding of the function of THE NETER that they were able to formulate true knowledge of self because they saw the hidden nature of Allah within all; when the thing died, the essence of it (soul-spirit) left and they thought that it could return and in some cases, resurrect in flesh which is the opposite of what these organizations believe who say that in all of the history of Islam, none have never been known to rise from the dead however, it is obvious that the Egyptians had some blueprint of this event because it is what they aspired for and the reason why the body was so well preserved.

We teach that man exists in 3 phases that can be confirmed in my opinion, by today’s science and its mundane terms. Some choose to call it the space time continuum. These phases can be explained like this:


The Egyptians taught the same exact thing. They taught that man himself consisted of the attributes of the Neter beingKa=Spirit, Ba=Soul and Khat=Body and that a divine intelligence (Xu) ran through all three of these manifestations. As above so below, for these attributes represent what we Moorish Americans call the TRIUNE ALLAH which can be found expressed in many ancient systems. This Triune Allah breaks down to FATHER-ALLAH, MOTHER-ALLAH, SON-ALLAH as is noted in the texts in which this concept derives in our doctrine, also displayed in reference 4 above. The ancient Canaanite system which was usurped by the invading people (Yahwist) called Joshua, implemented our sciences in what is known as Qabalah (reception) today. They represented the triad as the AIN-SOPH-AUR which breaks down:

  • Ain (Nothing; אין)
  • Ain Soph (Limitlessness; אין סוף)                                        
  • Ain Soph Aur (Endless Light; אין סוף אוֹר)

And from these 3, were 7 others created, forming the 10 Sefirot and we find this expressed among many ancient texts including the texts of the Moorish American Moslems who say that from the Triune-Allah, Allah breathed forth and 7 spirits stood before his face and these seven spirits created all of the things in existence (Ch. 11 v. 20).


Sephiroth (tree of life) in the mystical Kaballah system

We find this same exact breakdown in the Egyptian texts where it states:

“I am he who evolved himself under the form of the god Khepera, I, the evolver of the evolutions evolved myself, the evolver o all evolutions, after many evolutions and developments which came forth from my mouth. No heaven existed, and no earth, and no terrestrial animals or reptiles had come into being. I formed them out of the inert mass of watery matter, I found no place whereon to stand…, I was alone, and the gods Shu and Tefnut had not gone forth from me; there existed none other who worked with me. I laid the foundations of all things by my will, and all things evolved themselves therefrom. I united myself to my shadow, and I sent forth Shu and Tefnut out from myself; thus from being one god I became three, and Shu and Tefnut gave birth to Nut and Seb, and Nut gave birth to Osiris, Horus-Khent-an-maa, Sut, Isis, and Nephthys, at one birth, one after the other, and their children multiply upon this earth.”[6] [emphasis mines]

The Moorish Moslems can, without difficulty, follow the thread that traces back to exactly what the TRIUNE-ALLAH means in the Moorish doctrine without doubt, contradiction or folly. And this is Allah, that which at its essence, represents unlimited nothingness (also called quanta, not able to be measured); pure thought & intelligence existing on the highest plane of spirit life and beyond, and we teach that man is a thought of Allah and the very fact that one cannot see a thought, but what the thought manifests, proves further that man is not the body nor the soul, but a spirit and a part of Allah.

So here we have disproved this notion, this frivolous claim that somehow Moorish Americans are worshipers of a spook/mystery god. The days of merely accepting a thing because some man has said it thus, are over. We are in the information age where ignorance is a choice. Man did not search for trillions of years looking for God for he understood that god is in fact a MYSTERIOUS ENTITY that some of the wisest mathematicians and those who thought in pure logistics, great artificers and thinkers, far exceeding us in demonstration today, knew could not be comprehended in flesh and this is why they had a fascination with leaving this earth plane behind and traveling eternally on the Solar Barque with Re, the personification of the One and in the Moorish doctrine we teach the same exact thing. We say in Chapter 1 that:

“Without a foe a soldier never knows his strength, and thought must be developed by the exercise of strength. And so this carnal nature soon became a foe that man must fight, that he might be the strength of Allah made manifest. Let every living thing stand still and hear! Man is the Lord of all the plane of manifest, of protoplast, of mineral, of plant, of beast, but he gave up his birthrights, just to gratify his lower self. But man will regain his lost estate, his heritage; but he must do it in a conflict that cannot be told in words. Yea, he must suffer trials and temptations manifold; but let him know that cherubim and seraphim that rule the stations of the sun and spirit of the mighty Allah who rule the solar stars are his protectors and his guide, and they will lead to victory. Man will be fully saved, redeemed, perfected by the things he suffers on the plane of flesh, and on the plane of soul. When man has conquered carnal things his garb of flesh will then have served its purpose well and it will fall; will be no more.

“Then he will stand untrammeled on the plane of soul where he must full complete his victories. Unnumbered foes will stand before man upon the plane of soul; these he must overcome, yea, overcome them every one. Thus hope will ever be his beacon light; there is no failure for the human soul, for Allah is leading on and victory is sure.

Man cannot die; the spirit-man is one with Allah, and while Allah lives man cannot die. When man has conquered every foe upon the plane of soul the seed will have full opened out, will have unfolded in the Holy Breath. The garb of soul will then have served its purpose well, and man will need it never more, and it will pass and be no more and man will then attain unto the blessedness of perfectness and be at one with Allah.”

This is expressing that after the earth plane, man has to fight his foes on the soul plane. These are what those dreams are about that you have from time to time that men call nightmares but which this Moorish Scientist calls ‘tests’. It is this Moslem’s belief that our dreams are preparations for our battle on the physical plane. If we never watched or heard any scary stories or horror movies, how many nightmares do you believe men would have? If we were taught not to fear death, of whose fear produces the scary stories and the nightmares, would we ever have these types of dreams and would our fight on the next plane be easier? Just something for you budding scientists to think about.

This Moorish Scientist believes that what is shown in the funerary scene of Ani, where the soul has to pass through fourteen entities first before he reaches Osiris who represents the God of the underworld is displaying and your dreams in a sense, are preparing you for this test.

The Koran of Mecca is emphatically clear about Allah and the fact that we cannot see him:

“No vision can grasp Him, but his grasp is over all vision…”

Although this Moslem is fond of the Hadith (alleged sayings and quotes of Prophet Mohammed) because of all of the corruption surrounding most of them, there are also three Hadith that support Surah 6:103:

  1. Ayesha told Masrouq (a Tabioun): “…whoever tells you that Muhammad saw his Lord has lied” (Sahih Muslim 1/337, 1/339)
  2. Abu Dharr asked the Prophet if he saw his Lord during Miraj, Prophet replied: “There was only light, how could I see Him?” (Sahih Muslim 1/341). This phrase “how could I” implies he didn’t see Allah.  Please see the next hadeeth for an explanation of “There was only light”.
  3. Aboo Musa Ash’aree narrated from Prophet: “Surely, God does not sleep nor is it befitting for Him to sleep.  He is the one who lowers the scales and raises them.  The deeds of the night go up to Him before the deeds of the day and those of the day before those of the night, and His veil is light” (Sahih Muslim 1/343)

Prophet Noble Drew Ali is in fact a Prophet of Allah, a mastermind, an Egyptian Adept, who brought to us the most ancient of our knowledge that was being used by every other nation and people except us and he used the same exact form that they produced it in today for our benefit because it was conducive to the absorption for these days and times. In this we prove that man is not the whole of Allah, he is the creative mind (reason/logic) of Allah personified in flesh, which gives him dominion upon this physical plane and upon the plane which men call soul but he is not all of Allah for there was a time that he was not in flesh and there is a time that he will not be in flesh any more.  As above, so below and all things living are deities made flesh.

Peace and Love

Sheik Way-El, Grand Sheik and Divine Minister

Moorish Science Temple of America

Subordinate Temple Atlantis

Georgia, U.S.A.


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