Marcus Garvey the Harbinger of Drew Ali

Why is Marcus Garvey (St. Garvey Bey) called the Harbinger (forerunner) in the Moorish Science Temple of America?

"In these modern days there came a forerunner of Jesus [Prophet Drew Ali], who was divinely prepared by the great God-Allah and his name is Marcus Garvey, who did teach and warn the nations of the earth to prepare to meet the coming Prophet; who was to bring the true and divine Creed of Islam, and his name is Noble Drew Ali who was prepared and sent to this earth by Allah, to teach the old time religion and the everlasting gospel to the sons of men. That every nation shall and must worship under their own vine and fig tree, and return to their own and be one with their Father God-Allah." ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali, HKMSTA Ch. 48 v. 3


Many people do not know why we as Moorish Americans call Marcus Garvey the forerunner and Harbinger to the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. This was taught to us directly by Allah's last Prophet for these days and times, Noble Drew Ali (PBUH). Finite minds cannot comprehend things infinite so we can not try to convince people why Allah ordained things in the manner that he did because most are irreligious thanks to their illuminati puppeteers who have turned them against religion. However, this is an attempt to show you why we are convinced as Moorish Americans as to why Marcus Garvey was the forerunner to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Like John the Baptist before him, Marcus Garvey earned a reputation as being a dangerous agitator that needed to be put out of the way. Like John in the Moorish Holy Koran had Matheno, an Egyptian born sage teaching him the sciences of the mysteries, so it was in these days and times that John of this day, Marcus M. Garvey, was taught by an Egyptian born sage named Duse Muhammad Ali (whom also ironically wore a fez).

Marcus M. Garvey, herein, was quoted as saying "The Negro wants a nationality equal to that of the French, the English, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Irish etc." It was Prophet Noble Drew Ali who came and brought to us a nationality on this land for the first time since 1774 when we were stripped of our fezzes and turbans and branded with the slave labels of NEGRO BLACK and COLORED.

It was groups like the N.A.A.C.P. and prominent so called negro puppets like W.E.B. Dubois, the father of Afrocentricity, who opposed Garvey's movement the most. These were the men who founded the first BLACK BOULE Greek lettered societies to which many of our prominent brothers and sisters and high ranking officials and leaders, and chief afrocenetric scholars belong to. These are the ones who now accept Garvey, but reject the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish movement till this day! When Garvey was imprisoned for mail fraud and essentially deported, this was the equivalent to John the Baptist having his head taken off by Herod Antipas. While in the Atlanta federal prison, word got back to St. Garvey Bey about his edification in the Moorish Science Temple of America, Garvey proclaimed that he did not know the Prophet which we interpret to be a good thing for we feel that there really would have been a plot to take St. Garvey Bey out sooner. That was September of 1927. By the next month, the Prophet, probably upon hearing word or simply just knowing of the missive sent, loaded up his car and drove from Chicago to Atlanta Ga to visit the Harbinger Garvey.This is the post card that Prophet Noble

From this meeting, we can only imagine the very level of conversation that these two had but we do know for certain, that after this meeting, Marcus Garvey did support the National and Divine Movement being pushed by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

The newspaper article in the Chicago Defender that reported on Drew Ali's visit to Garvey while he was in the Atl. penitentiary.

As you can see, St. Garvey Bey then gave support to our Prophet and, as John and Jesus met about 2000 years ago, so did Prophet Drew Ali and the John of this day, Marcus M. Garvey did meet up in these days and times. St. Garvey Bey gave many references to Islam and Mohammad.

I will now leave you with several sources where clearly the Harbinger, Marcus M. Garvey, prefered Islam and Allah for the so called Negro here in the United States.

[1], “Originally conceiving of his work as broad-based, ecumenical, multiracial missionary activity, Sadiq soon realized that Whites were bitter and fearful of his message and African Americans interested and open. Early reports indicate that several Garveyites attended his lectures and were among his first converts…”

Journalist Roger Didier wrote of some of these self-proclaimed Moslem Garveyites [2], “…all the audience has adopted Arabic names…There is the very dark Mr. Augustus, who used to belong to St. Marks church in this city [Chicago], but who now sings a pretty Arabic prayer and acts rather sphinx-like. Half a dozen Garvey cohorts are counted, one in his resplendent uniform...”

Tony Martin[3] states that at the 1922 U.N.I.A. convention, “several delegates suggested that the association should adopt Islam as its official religion since three-quarters of the black world were Moslems and Moslems were better Christians than Christians”. The discussion was lively and occupied both the morning and afternoon sessions, under the topic “The Future Religious Faith and Belief of the Negro.” Garvey himself presided over the afternoon session, declaring the subject to be “of vital interest and importance, in that it struck at the strongest side of the Negro, it being conceded that the Negro was more religious than anything else”.

Garvey further stated that dictating religion was not the desire of the UNIA, but rather to give African people “a scientific understanding of religion”. He then advocated inter-religious dialogue and meeting. Although the resolution to adopt Al-Islam as the UNIA’s official religion, and indeed the future religion of all black people in America was not passed, its serious introduction into the discussion spread out over hours indicates the receptivity that was present in the ranks of that organization, to the Islamic faith (as it was understood according to Ahmadiyyah teachings). One of its hymns was even named “Allahu Akbar”.

In Detroit, Michigan, Mufti Sadiq himself spoke at five Garveyite meetings in 1923, and 40 more U.N .I.A. members converted to the faith. One was another Christian leader, Reverend Sutton, who was renamed Sheik Abdul Salaam, and placed in leadership over the congregation in that city. Ahmadiyyah appeals to the followers of Garvey, hammered a message tailored to them. Knowing that many Garveyites, or at least those inclined to Islam read its pages, The Moslem Sunrise contained an article with what must be the world’s longest title[4]. Its text included these words:

“Apart from confederation of the African tribes or peoples of African origin, the possibility of which is a nightmare to the white man, he lives in fear and trembling that El Islam may become the religion of the Negro. And why should it not be? ‘El Islam’ would be a wonderful spiritual force in the life of the colored races, uniting us in a bond of common sympathy and interest. We could then add to our motto of one God, one aim, one destiny, the words one language which would be arabic. It could easily be made the universal language of Negroes and would remove the barriers which now face us in the intercommunication of the different tribes in Africa. Arabic is already spoken by millions of Negroes..”

Garvey and (one whose name I could not find), who was himself the student of a Moslem, was obviously listening to this message. He posed the question, ostensibly to Christians who were American, and other peoples of European descent in positions of power, when he stated:

“…You white men, have taught us the love of God, you have had us to see Him in all goodness and perfection; is He a mockery to you? He must be something real. Must we by your actions deny His goodness and love for us, and seek and search for the God of Africa, The Allah most High, Noble and Almighty?” [5]

Further he mentioned The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) several times in his speeches, as an inspirational figure whom he considered to be a great "black man." He declared before an audience at Liberty Hall, in Harlem, New York on September 17, 1922 “…everybody knows that Mohammed was a Negro…Negroes on this side of the river had accepted Christ, while on the other side, many of them, had accepted Mohammed. The administration was not endeavoring to bring Mohammed into the Western world. Mohammed was not in need of change. He was a colored man, anyhow. [6] He could have only learned the true identity of the Great Prophet Mohammad through the teachings of the Egyptian Sage and Moslem, Duse Mohammad Ali.

“The fight that has centered around me is the same kind of fight that will be centered around any other leader, any other idealist who sets out to lead the people into a new vision, into a new light. It was the same kind of fight that was centered Around Mohammed when he enunciated his doctrine; it wsas the same kind of fight that was centered around Martin Luther when he delared the reformation; it was the same kind of fight that was centered around the great political leaders of Ireland who sought to arouse the people for Irish freedom; it was the same kind of fight that centered around the Man of Nazreth who attempted to assemble the multitude and teach them the new doctrine of salvation, it is the same kind of fight that will be centered around any man or woman who seeks to place an ideal among the people….”[7]

“The great Mohammed, the leader of the Mohammedan faith-the man who swept the Asiatic world with that new cult, the new religion of Allah- he counted the cost and in his lifetime paid the price. Mohammed suffered many reverses; Mohammed suffered many defeats at certain times; half of the people, two-thirds of the people; nearly all of the people, forsook Mohammed, but Mohammed stuck to his faith and ultimately triumphed and Mohammedenism was given to the world. And as Mohammed did in the religious world, so in the political arena we have had men who have paid the price for leading the people toward the great light of liberty.”[8]

And here you see why we Moorish American Moslems call Marcus Garvey our Harbinger/Forerunner to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. He was not aware of his mission ordained by the Universal God, but his words and works and inclination towards Islam and very action of agitating the status quo proves that he was in fact the forerunner to the Great Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Prepared and edited by:
Sheik Way-El
Grand Sheik and Divine Minister
Moorish Science Temple of America
Subordinate Temple Atlantis


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