Moorish American Party

Finally, a political party that represents you!

Finally, a political party that represents you! The Moorish America Party is a grassroots 527 political organization established to represent the political arm of the Moorish Divine and National Movement which is the two-pronged foundation of the Moorish Science Temple of America, the national government for the Moorish Americans (so called black people) in these United States of America. For too long, the Moors on this land have carried the name of a slave brand that ended in 1865 and thus, have lost the true identity of themselves and so Prophet Noble Drew Ali was sent with the truth about our history and revealed to us that we were Moorish Americans and not Negro, Black people, colored folks, or Ethiopians (today that would be African American) because these names were given to slave holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery and being that the institution of slavery was completely ended on this land in 1865, there was no need to hang on to these slave names (negro, black, colored) for they represent sin and shame (See the link You Are Not Black People for further details). In this new era of time, men now must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth. Your free national name is MOORISH AMERICAN and all you have to do is proclaim it and it is yours. The Moorish Americans are a nation within a nation and our nation​ is governed via the Divine Constitution and By Laws and the laws of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the laws given by Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The Moorish Science Temple of America is a federally recognized religious organization (See Johnson-Bey v. Lane, 863 F.2d 1308, 1309 (7th Cir. 1988)).

For years now, you have been accustomed to voting people into office who did not have your best interest at heart. Promises were made to you and yet, you still as a people remain the most economically unstable people on the land. Laws are legislated to take advantage of the fact that you feel that you have no opportunity to do as other men do and so crime is your path and prison is your reward. The Moors on this land represent 12% of the total population in the United States but represents 84% of the prison population. The reason you have next to nothing is because for one, you are not represented as a nation on this land like other nationals. You cannot be an African American because Africa is the name of a whole continent that is composed of 51 nations like Europe and yet, you do not see Europeans calling themselves European Americans nor is that listed as a category in their racial designations in Federal Directive 15. Why is that? Think that over a moment...

Arabian Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, Nigerian Americans, Liberian Americans, etc., they are forced to proclaim their nationality in front of this government and so it is only your right to do the same. By you being born here don't make you a citizen. It is because you have been led to believe that you are a "black person" and because of this, all of your rights are stripped from you and you are given privileges under the guise of rights, but these privileges can be amended or ended at any time. If this is not the case, why is that they have to sign a voting rights act every 25 years in order for you to vote? There would be absolutely no need for Jesse Jackson's H. J. RES. 28 bill that he tried to get pushed forward in Congress in 2003 which was a resolution to adopt an amendment to allow all Americans no matter what their background, the right to vote. This is tacitly (silently) admitting that the people that Jesse Jackson represents truly has no rights, just privileges and where privileges are, rights do not exist. The elections of 2012 made this clear with the fringe elements of American politics and their attempts at disenfranchising voters of Moorish descent, proves this to be an actual fact. The laws that created the free national constitution of 1774 declared all men free and equal and so it is only right that you become free and equal by the proclamation of your Moorish American nationality on this land to be finally, at last, recognized by this government. It is time to wake up to the facts.

When Noble Drew Ali caused the efflorescence of the Moorish Americans in Chicago between the years of 1925-1929, one of the most important things that the Prophet did was show our people the power of the vote. By way of the over 5000 votes cast by the Moorish American Moslems of Chicago, Ill., the fist man of Moorish descent since the removal of all people of Moorish descent from public office dating back to the Compromise of 1877, outside of the southern states, was Oscar Depriest.

Oscar Depreist sitting to the left of Prophet Noble Drew Ali who is seated in the center. Oscar Depriest and many other prominent Chicago politicians were members of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

Before I continue, I want you to imagine this for a moment; imagine if the fringe element of right wing extremists as they are called, held the house, the senate and the office of president in a majority. Do you know that they could suspend the voting rights act and once again, in many states in this nation, the so called negro or black (same word different language) would be without voting power? The voting rights act is unnecessary and just proves that our people are still subject to the laws of slaves on this land and the sad part is, this is by their own choosing. When you proclaim your nationality, you are eligible to cast a FREE NATIONAL BALLOT as a right and not as a privilege as has been the case for people of Moorish descent (so called black people) for over a hundred years in this nation.

With the vote of the Moorish Americans, with sympathizers coming from our Spanish speaking nationals on this land who are recognized in our religious doctrine as a part and a partial to the Asiatic nations as we call them, along with the other nationals representing this great Republic, we can bring about a sweeping change in this nation where the poor people are raised up to a living perpendicular and finally imbue their hands with the opportunity of this great experiment called the Republic. When this is done, America will be revered by the world and resentment will be rendered naught because what will be done here, will be done with every nation on this earth where humanity is fell. If not, our Prophet, who is in fact a Prophet tells us, the worst is yet to come...

It is for this purpose that the Moorish American Party was established. If the current administration can allocate 60 billion (yes 'billions' with a 'B') dollars to Israel to help bolster a military that is already second to none in the east, and send 135 million to Syria of all places, not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars in aide that is given to Egypt every year, then it is no less important that an initiative be pushed forward for the poor and downtrodden on this land who largely represent the Moorish American (misnomer 'black') population, meaning those who are branded with colorable (false) labels like black and African American. We do not need welfare, we need industry and the means to educate our people in the very fields that we created in places like Moorish Spain to which the whole world benefits off of now. We are not begging for anything, we are seeking what is owed to the very people that built this country by lash of whip and penalty of death but this time, under our Free and National Name of Moorish American and not under a slave label.

For this reason, the Moorish American Party, through the Moorish Science Temple of America, is hereby pushing the POOR PEOPLES INITIATIVE to be presented to Congress in hopes of a bill being passed in this regard. This plan will ask for 3.5 billion dollars that will address the specific underlying causes of poverty and decay on this land particularly those people of Moorish descent; but the bill will address the poor in general as our organization was built upon love and not discrimination. Such a bill will eliminate welfare in 5-10 years based on the strict guidelines that the initiative entails. In this way, every person becomes a fruitful member and contributor to society instead of leaches off of those who are already tumors on the state. Some of these initiatives will include the following:

1.  Industrial Hemp production

2. Healthy food initiative

3. Low cost energy alternatives

4. Higher education

These are the four main areas that will bring the will of the poor people of Moorish descent (so called black people) on this land in concordance with the high life of not only American society, but with the other nations of the Earth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with growing Hemp for industrial purposes. If states can legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, then congress should deal in equal equity and at least pass a resolution that allows industrialized hemp for job related/economic purposes.

HEMP RELATED JOBS. Hemp grows virtually anywhere. When we industrialize this great gift from Allah (God) called hemp, we can create enough food products to feed the world over. There are many food products which can be produced from the seeds, from butters, oils, pastes, to breads. This will open food, textile, and other types of production factories in those states of the union where our people suffer most, which in turn, will produce thousands of jobs taking our people off of the streets and keeping them out of the big business called the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX where they are literally slaves according to the 13th amendment. Hemp fiber can be used to produce most of the clothing that we wear to which would have a longer duration than average materials. You can clothe the world with hemp related products not to mention other products. This industry alone will create thousands of textiles across this nation employing hundreds of thousands of people, particularly from the lower class and under privileged neighborhoods where they can get the real change of condition desperately needed and the chance to earn the same wages of the middle class citizens of this Nation. This leads to better citizens because they no longer have to depend on Government assistance any longer. Hemp also produces polymers in which are used to make plastics as was used by Henry Ford when he used hemp fibers to create the body of a car.

This industry alone creates a whole host of opportunities as job factories that rely on certain plastic polymers to create their products can now use the hemp polymer which is stronger than most of the polymers based on the strength of its fiber content and also safer. Hemp also produces bio fuels and ethanol which can be used to fuel all automobiles. Bio fuel is the cleanest form of oil used in combustion that powers automobiles and motors of any kind. This action would mean the building of bio fuel factories which would create hundreds of thousand job opportunities throughout the land on top of those opportunities mentioned above. This would eliminate global warming while we convert cars that solely rely on the burning of fossil fuels as scientists say our current fuel system is contributing to an unstable worldwide ecology which are bringing about the mega storms that are starting to happen more frequently now. All in all, hemp will be the largest job producing crop this country has ever produced and the average citizen can find work somewhere with wages that start off at middle class pay grades and employment opportunities will be abundant and the thousands upon thousands of homicides that happen every year in this nation will cease and the prison population will be virtually an after thought of times when greed instead of honest principles, ethics, and morality ruled the most within the greatest nation in modern history.

HEALTHY FOOD INITIATIVE. The foods that can be created from the hemp seed alone can create an nutritious alternative to some of the edible poisons we have now in the form of foods. We believe that the vertical farm system is in fact the best system. The vertical farm idea was developed by a man named Chris Jacobs who lays out his vision on his website of which photos we are using for this demonstration. This ingenious idea is self sufficient according to the design specifications, allowing for around the clock employment opportunities while producing tons of produce.

Using modern cutting edge hydroponics techniques, along with range soils treated with minerals, we can literally grow produce that produces high yield, high nutrient fruits, grains and vegetables. It is a little known fact that the soil in the United States and in most countries around the world is mineral depleted. This means that most of the produce in your supermarkets even with the expensive organic tag on them, are produced from soil that is mineral deplete and this causes the body to crave for more foods to fill the deficiency void and this is why fruits and vegetables are less preferable to children today and the consumption of more sugary sweets are preferred and this is because their bodies are responding to the lack of nutrients and not necessarily the fact that is a fruit or vegetable causing them and you, to eat more.

Another great benefit is no pesticides at all would be used in this controlled environment. Pesticides cause cancer and big name companies like Monsanto who use all types of genetically altered materials to fuse into their produce will become a thing of the past. The system is not broken, the greedy hoarders within the system are broken. Now we can use the system for our own benefit and this is what is meant by "take your place among the affairs of men."

By placing five (5) vertical farms in strategic locations across the United States, we will effectively change the game as far as the poverty rates are concerned and within 10 years, we can replicate this process in strategic locations all over the world and end world hunger once and for all. My Prophet said"The Moors were once sea-faring people and fed the world, the time is going to come, when we would go back and feed the world again." We will have the means to feed the world again; but it first comes with the mere thought that you can do it and the believing that you can done. This is the way out for my poor people in the streets, this is the way to economic prosperity and productiveness that has been missing for generations among our recent ancestors, and today, among our kith and kindred who have to sell drugs and commit crimes to eat. That day is coming to and end very soon. This is the resurrection of the dead.

Being that hemp can grow in just about any type of soil as it is truly a wonder plant, there would be no need to grow it inside of the vertical farm. This creates two separate employment opportunities and can literally employ tens of thousands by 1) creating textile and other clothing and accessories factories for the hemp threads and husks that can produce a wide variety of products, 2) creating supermarkets that will supply fresh foods and products from these foods at below standard prices, almost never being affected by inflation or the world economy and its many machinations, 3) the vertical farms will provide thousands of related jobs to the maintenance of its functionality, to tending to the crops and its many functions like nurturing, picking, rinsing, assorting, etc.

This will literally start to create better environments for the down trodden in what are called "ghettos" in these United States because through this initiative, which will be headed by our faith based organization the Moorish Science Temple of America, and the principles of Love, Charity, Gratitude, Civics, and Social duties will be stressed and then the dollars can circulate throughout the neighborhoods of these respective places and the gloom of crime will convert to a bloom of productive and happy people which makes the nation better and ultimately, eliminating the welfare system, a goal that should be at the forefront of every politician in high places without starving a people or making them willing slaves with welfare-to-work programs which helps no one but big corporations and their interests.

Cross section of how a vertical farm would look according to Chris Jacobs' design. From lemon to orange trees, to grains for cereals, this is a concept that will in fact work and bring tens of thousands of jobs to our poor.

So what about the big corporations you say?

Well let us look at it like this, the Moorish Science Temple of America has the benefit of being a religious institution, and, an actual corporation. We have the same exact rights as any corporation. In fact, ever nation on the planet is a corporation in the strictest sense of the word. The will of the people outweighs the will of individual and in this case, the individual is big corporations and their reach and their lobbying power in Congress. You, yes you, you can take away that lobby by your votes and this is why the Moorish American Party along with its parent organization, the Moorish Science Temple of America is so vitally important to this cause. Imagine now, voting in candidates who have your best interest at heart for change, people from the communities you grew up in and knows full well your hardship and is intent on remedying it.

We have listened in vain to politicians who at first, start out with good intentions and they make inspirational speeches about what they are going to do for you if you cast your ballot for them, but when they get into office, they find themselves hamstrung no matter what their hearts intent is because they realize that the money grabbers and the big lobby that mainly own stock in the prison system, will simply drown them out sort of like the NRA does any candidate who opposes their position on guns. But imagine, one voting block, moving one way all of the time. No amount of negative adds will make a difference when you have our very own actors, rappers, sports stars, entertainers, activists, ect., along with our Spanish speaking Asiatics (So called Hispanics/Latinos) side by side as one political party representing the best interest of not just the rich and middle class, but mainly the poor who are in dire need. In the 2012 elections, you heard very little about what can be done for the poor. The emphasis was placed upon the middle class and higher ups because these are the people that work and pay taxes and fines and other fees that feeds the proverbial beast. The middle class is the consumer class and so long as their is something to be consumed and the people in Washington have control, or, are being controlled by the people that are making products to be consumed, there will never be a place at the table for you who represent the poor and downtrodden. That day is coming to a close but it solely depends upon you. The Moorish Science Temple of America and the Moorish American Party are the wave of the now leading into the future. We are the anti-Tea party and we are their answer. We are the voice of the voiceless, we are the Moorish American Party and we are here for your sole interest and to raise your will back to the will of other citizens upon this land by bringing to you your nationality and demonstrating the power of your nationality by way of our very own political status. This is what is meant by "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto you." Heaven is not a place in the sky, it is state of mind! Make your will be done on earth and take your place back among the affairs of men, and you will see how it feels to live in the heaven of your mind because finally, you will be at peace and the lions will lay down with the lambs and when they arise in the morning, neither will be harmed. The lamb is the poor people, the lion is the rulers and the rich, and through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice all men are one and equal to seek their own destiny. 

The above proposals are just a few of several that we are seeking to implement upon this land. If you think that your condition can be better and that you can redeem yourself, come and join the Moorish Science Temple of America and register with the Moorish American Party and then you will have the power to redeem your brother and sister as well. This is a field open to all strong and fearless men and woman and there is work enough for us all to do. Come and do your part and lead yourself in the right direction. 

The Moorish American Party is the party of the people and the party of the future. We are pushing to inform and create a whole new electorate in conjunction with with the Moorish Science Temple of America. The times that were, wont be anymore... 

Registrations forms will available shortly.