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Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the last Prophet of Allah for these days and times. A true Angel in the flesh and the first and only to resurrect the so called Negro/Black people up with the Truth of their nationality and their history.

The Most Noble, Prophet Drew Ali, is the source of the awakening of the so called Negro, Black folk, Afro-American people upon this land. We were taught that Fard Mohammed and his student, Elijah Mohammed who founded the Nation of Islam was the foundation of our awakening on this land by finding us as a lost people; lost to the true history of themselves and that because of such, Allah sent or came in the person of Wallace Fard Mohammed, and that it was he who brought to us a flag and made us a nation and gave to us the true knowledge of self, but upon closer scrutiny, this simply is not the case. We have struggled for years under so many different leaders who promoted the slave label of “Black” and went and fought under this slave brand bringing about no resolution for our people whatsoever just more opportunities for the European lawmakers to pass new reforms sinking the people deeper into mental slavery by giving them the guise that they are somehow protecting their civil rights. Our people, the so-called black people who have undergone several different identities (Negro, Black, Colored, Ethiopian, African American, etc) have tried everything except being a Nation on this land. Prophet Drew Ali would return the Nationality, Religion & Identity and also the Birthright to our people who had lost the knowledge of themselves and sougt to follow the ways and gods of a people not their own. He healed the sick and returned the sight to those of failing sight. He is the one that resurrected the dead (black) back to life (Moor). He is our Prophet, and yours, Noble Drew Ali.

The Moorish Science Temple of America is the oldest Islamic organization in North America founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali. It was originally founded in Newark, New Jersey in 1913 under the name Ancient Canaanite Temple. Many of our people cannot conceive the idea that one can come to us as did Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius etc., had come to the people who were distressed in those days and times. Many Mohammadan Moslems of what is now considered the “orthodoxy”, refuse to acknowledge Prophet Drew Ali as the Prophet or even “a” Prophet of Islam as they believe that Allah would not send a messenger and redeemer to us in our greatest time of despair and, they also believe that Islam starts with Prophet Mohammad which means that they have no true understanding of what Islam is. Many so called black people from other organizations refuse to even acknowledge the works of the Prophet Drew Ali and some have ridiculed him and this movement to the very lowest. You also have many offshoot Moorish groups who understand where the seat of power is vested among the Moorish of America, and yet, they have joined in the chorus of the ridiculing of the Moorish Science Tepmle of America and Prophet Noble Drew Ali, all the while, not producing one thing remotely close to what this Angel of Allah has produced.


At a time when Marcus M. Garvey was asking where is the flag of the negro, Prophet Noble Drew Ali had conferred upon the Moors in America a flag as we declared our nationhood in this land. The Moorish and American flags were proud reminders of the dual heritage of our people. The reinstatement of the Moorish flag to the descendants of Africans in America by Noble Drew Ali was of special historic significance to the Moorish community and the world. This same type of flag was replicated and given to a protectorate in Morocco in 1912 and did not become Morocco’s National Flag until the year of 1956. This is proof that the Moors were a Nation here flying the flag of our forefathers many years before this new form of Morocco called a “Kingdom” was implemented. By calling Morocco a kingdom, they essentially abdicated from the Sultanate rule of Mohammedan Law. Additionally, this action conjured memories of the unique role and contributions of Moorish-Moroccan civilization to the development of the American system. The first nation in the world to recognize the continental government of the United States was Morocco. Morocco signed the first international treaty with this country in 1786 during a time when the true Moorish descendants of Moroccans labored to help build the evolving American society. Inspired by the example of Noble Drew Ali, who founded the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation which produced remedies such as Moorish mineral and healing oil, antiseptic bath compound, and Moorish tea, which can still be found among members today, the Moorish Americans began to establish a variety of business enterprises, including restaurants, grocery and furniture stores, real estate firms, laundry mats, etc.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali was in fact the message that he brought. Like the accounts we find about Jesus in the bible healing the sick and the blind, we find instances when He, Prophet Drew Ali, healed the sick with natural herbs and and restoring one brother’s eyes sight and according to some testimony, at times he would heal them without even touching them. Testimony is given about this great man in the Moorish Guide newspapers about how he healed the masses with the herbs of the earth. He would often perform acts of what seemed to be the impossible showing our people that he was endowed with the ancient secrets that men call “magic” and would give demonstrations just as Harry Houdini did like escaping from yards of rope just to show our people the possibility of man and the illusions of the pysical world.

“And they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves. And the disbelievers say, “This is a magician and a liar.” 38:4 Holy Koran of Mohammed

In fitting tribute to his eminence as a prominent national leader, Noble Drew Ali has been honored by the cities of: St. Louis, Missouri; Newark, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Hartford, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Michigan, Los Angeles, California and Baltimore, Maryland; as well as, by national and international organizations such as the National Conference of Black Mayors and the World Conference of Mayors for his work. He established a headquarters in Cuba, a Moorish Science Temple in Mexico, and was invited by Canadian officials to come establish the same up there in that country. He was truly a remarkable man, a true Angel and Prophet for our people in the United States; a Man sent from Allah. (Excerpt taken from the book NOBLE DREW ALI & THE MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA, THE MOVEMENT THAT STARTED IT ALL. To order a copy, visit the shop page on the website. Peace


“If you doubt that I am prophet, watch my prophecies” ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali 

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