The Seven Postulates for this Age

The Seven Postulates for this Age

"There will be no physical unity without mental unity"

Being that finite minds cannot comprehend things infinite, the wisdom of the sages of the ages left us with postulates. What exactly does postulate mean?

Suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.
A thing suggested or assumed as true as the basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.
demand - require - claim - posit

Being that finite minds cannot comprehend things infinite, even in the wisdom of the sages, the very interpretation of the universal force that we refer to at times by the name Allah has to be discussed in a way that man's feeble and limited mind-state can understand it, and this is what postulation means. It is the giving of wisdom without the want or demanding it be accepted as actual fact for the clearest of human knowledge is but blindness and folly and we know that Allah gives to man his own portion of understanding for what seems best for him/her and so these requirements for this age are being set forth. Nevertheless it is the part of wisdom to posit the truth into the minds of man and it is up to him/her to accept or reject it.

The sons of men are looking up for greater light. No longer do they care for mystery gods that live in mansions in the sky. Men have devised a scheme to create gods that are all powerful and yet, are full of human frailties like jealousies and anger. They then create a devil as a counter to the very evil that they created in the form of a god that lives in space somewhere while this devil they speak of lives in the bowels of the earth. The devil is the greatest power in our land, and though a myth, he dandles on his knee both youth and aged. The very fear of evil is a myth, is an illusion and a snare enforced by the cinematic experience in this electrified age, coupled with some form of scriptures said to be the word of some god; but this myth, this very notion called devil will continue to live until the Moorish American Moslems, the sons and daughters of the Prophet, go out through all the land and raise these base ethers to the plane of light. In various forms do men worship Allah, the One; in heart they are not sure that their God even exists. Faith worships at the shrine of one not seen; but Doubt must see her God. The plane of thought is broad, and full of sharp antagonists; and so the circle of the gods is filled with enmity, with wars and base intrigues. In light there are no secret things. The sun reveals all hidden truth. There are no mysteries in Allah. Man is not far enough advanced to live by faith; he cannot comprehend the things his eyes do not see. He is still a child. And during this age, true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom will be given. Men today think they must be taught it by pictures, symbols, rites and forms. His God must be a human God; he cannot see Allah by faith. On top of that, he cannot rule himself; so the king must rule; the man must serve. This is the state of man now.

The seven Postulates

1. All things are thought; all life is thought activity. The multitude of beings are but phases of the one great thought made manifest. Lo, Allah is Thought, and Thought is Allah.

2. Eternal Thought is one; in essence it is two--Intelligence and Force; and when they breathe a child is born; this child is Love. And thus the Triune Allah stands forth, whom men call Father-Mother-Child, the true trinity. This Triune Allah is one; but like the one of light, in essence he is seven. And when the Triune Allah breathes forth, lo, seven Spirits stand before his face; these are the creative attributes. Men call them lesser gods, and in their image they made man and everything upon the plane of manifest. ​

3. Man was a thought of Allah, formed in the image of the Septonate (7), clothed in the substances of soul. And his desires were strong; he sought to manifest on every plane of life, and for himself he made a body of the ethers of the earthly forms, and so he descended to the plane of earth. In this descent, he lost his birthright and title to his vast estate; lost his harmony with Allah, and made discordant all the notes of life. Inharmony and evil are the same; so evil is the handiwork of man, not a myth called devil who man claims lives within the bowels of the earth.

4. Seeds do not germinate in light; they do not grow until they find the soil, and hide themselves away from light. Man was evolved a seed of everlasting life; but in the ethers of the Triune Allah, the light was far too great for seeds to grow; and so man sought the soil of carnal life, and in the darksomeness of earth he found a place where he could germinate and grow. The seed has taken root and grown full well. The tree of human life is rising from the soil of earthly things, and, under natural law, is reaching up to perfect form. There are no supernatural acts of Allah to lift a man from carnal life to spirit blessedness; he grows as a plant grows, and in due time is perfected. The quality of soul that makes it possible for man to rise to spirit life is purity; and so in order for man to grow, he must be purity made flesh.

5. The soul is drawn to perfect light by four white steeds, and these are Will, and Faith, and Helpfulness and Love. That which one wills to do, he has the power to do. A knowledge of that power is faith; and when faith moves, the soul begins its flight. A selfish faith does not lead to light. There is no lonely pilgrim on the way to light. Men only gain the heights by helping others gain the heights. The steed that leads the way to spirit life is named Love; it represents pure unselfish Love and so in order for man to even raise his own household up, he must be love made flesh.

6. The universal Love is the child of Wisdom and of Will divine, and Allah has sent it forth to earth in flesh that man may know. The universal Love of which the sages speak in this age, is the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The greatest mystery of all times lies in the way that the Messiah lives in the heart. The spirit of the Prophets cannot live in clammy dens of carnal things. The seven battles must be fought, the seven victories won before the carnal things, like fear, and self, emotions and desire, are put away. When this is done that which some call "Christ" will take possession of the soul; the work is then done, and man and Allah are one.

7. A perfect man! To bring before the Triune Allah, a being such as this was nature made. This consummation is the highest revelation of the mystery of life. When all the essences of carnal things have been transmuted into soul, and all the essences of soul have been returned to Holy Breath, and man is made a perfect God, the drama of Creation will conclude. And this is all.


The above 7 principles are the foundation of the doctrine of the Moorish Science Temple of America. These postulates are crucial if we are to grow spiritually in this age which is the preparation age of the soul also called the Age of Aquarius. Those who are of Moorish descent, who are the founders of the worlds first religion and Divine Creed, are now out of universal balance and harmony with the Deific Will of Allah. We teach that salvation is a ladder that reaches from the heart of man to the heart of Allah and that it is has 3 steps:

1. Belief
2. Faith
3. Fruition

Belief is what man thinks, perhaps, is truth, faith is what man knows is truth, and fruition is the last, and this is man himself, the truth. Belief is lost in faith and in fruition faith is lost; and man is saved when he has reached the deific life, when he and Allah are one. The problem is, man has steadily declined from his faith with Allah and are now back to the base point of belief, not looking to elevate back to 2nd heaven which leads us to the 3rd heaven which is fruition, when man is a living God himself. For this reason, they cannot affect the overall situation of our people or teach civilization to the rest of humanity because their wills are weak. They have set up men as gods and they have sought to worship man as god and this thought going into the universal ethers causes a severing of the connection with Allah. Man even has the audacity to call themselves gods and yet, are ruled over by other men whom they call devils all the while engaging in the behavior, words, and deeds of those whom they claim are beneath them. We teach that if man must find his devil, he must look within, the name of the devil is called self; if man must find his savior, he must look within, the name of the savior is called self. It is a backwards world that we live in if the devils are ruling the gods and the man worshiped as a god, can bring no remedy to a people as a whole. This type of logic sinks man back into mental slavery and the spiritual light is once again cut off. They, by way of their own teachings, after years of working in the darkness like a mole, stumble into the light with dirt upon their foreheads and are clearly exposed.

In olden times, man did not have to search for his God. He knew that he was one with his God and there was no need to search for something that did not exist. The records of our ancients proved this to be an actual fact. In this new era of time, man has debased himself to the lowest of levels for he has lost the connection with the True and Living God and have followed ideals and principles of other men, and these became his god. This is solely because the light brought to us by our Holy and Divine Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, was blotted out by many organizations that were set up to push forth ideas and ideals that have never done any good for our people mentally. Money does not make the man, clothes does not make the man, it is free national standards, principles, and power, that makes a man and a nation. It has been this way since recorded history.

When man realizes that his own thought activity is connected to the thought of our Father, God-Allah, he will understand that Allah is impartial. If he thinks ill, ill will be his reward. Our people of Moorish descent on this land call themselves "black" people. Black according to science means death and so calling yourself a black person is mental illness. If the people on this land of Moorish descent would know that to perpetuate such a thought into the ethers is the major cause of their problems, they would quickly drop such a term. This is what is meant in the Moorish doctrine when we say "Fear Allah!" Because you will only get back what you put into the universal ethers. Allah does not save man. Allah sends one with the keys for man to save himself and, even he who has brought the keys, while he can be considered a savior, can save no one, they who have been given the keys, alone must they walk the path. 

The people of Moorish descent on this land must realize that, when they have overcome this great failing, then and only then will the universal ethers respond positively to them. Love may come forth but truth must follow. If man claims to move in and with love, but he knows that "his" truth is not truth, he adds to the chaos and is just as guilty as the one who is devoid of all light and full of ignorance and hate. In that great and awful day, he too will be burned by the fire to which we call the wrath of Allah.

When man knows how to tune himself into the 7 etheric vibrations of the universe, then the laws of nature will bend at his will. When man comes into himself and comprehends the very fact that he/she is in fact the sons and daughters of Allah, and knows that in him/her lies dormant all of the powers of Allah, then he/she becomes a mastermind and the elements of earth, air, fire, and water will be at his control and this is what a true adept is, but this can only be accomplished when he/she has accepted purity and love. Fear and unbelief are two stubborn asses that bind the will of man. When these false notions are subdued and tossed out of ones repetitive thought processes, then man is but to speak and the thing is done. Again, let me stress, only if you have made love and purity your very own. If you are reading this and think that it cannot be, then know for a surety that you are a part of the problem for you will not even climb the first rung of the three step ladder of salvation which is belief; and if you wont, then you are already defeated by your thoughts alone. Nothing is done without the belief that it can be accomplished first. Man moves by his thoughts, It is not in flesh to think; it is not in bones to reason. If you are reading this and you do believe, you have taken the first step upon the ladder and by your very own will, have moved one step closer to being in total union with the Triune Allah.

The sons and daughters of men are toiling hard on desert plains, and burning sands and rocky soils, are doing what there mothers and fathers did, not dreaming that they can do anything else. But behold, the master Noble Drew Ali has come, and have revealed to them a hidden wealth; that underneath the rocky soil of carnal things and earthly desires, are treasures that no man can count. That in the heart, the richest gems abound; that he who wills may open the door and find them all. This is the preparation age of the soul.

Learn these precepts well and master the doctrine of the Moorish Science Temple of America, they contain the secret key to unlocking that which will activate the deity within you and you will then have redeemed yourself and will have the power to redeem your brothers and sisters if they think that their conditions can be better.

Prepared and edited by:
Sheik Way-El
Grand Sheik and Divine Minister
Moorish Science Temple of America
Subordinate Temple Atlantis