You Are Not Black People

You are not Black, Negro, Colored, or African Americans.

Look at the object directly above. It is an image of a black square. Now take a look at your skin. By now you should see where this simple test of logic is going. Think about the darkest person you have ever seen and then look at this box again. Notice the difference? Most of you reading this will have a dark brown olive-toned skin shade like the image to the right. If your skin does not match the black box to the left, then it is obvious that your skin is not black so such a term “black of skin” was an act of European psychology to detach you from your own self and this is your only problem as to why you cannot raise your will to a higher degree. The ignoring of ones own eyes by ones own mind is called MENTAL SLAVERY.

Why would I or anyone for that matter, call themselves black then? Why do our people on this land, blindly use terms like “black of skin” when there are no such a people on the planet now, or who have ever existed that has or had black skin? It was the Europeans who first called us BLACK PEOPLE. There is not one contemporary source that says we ever called ourselves black people prior to contact with the pale skin nations of Europe. We trace the use of this appellation to the Hellenistic Greeks. We have accepted this dead term but we have never descended from a nation called black. Many argue that KeMeT, one of the names of ancient Egypt means that we are a black people and that by naming the land 'Kemmau', that they were expressing this but this the furthest from the truth. The term KMT simply means “black land” as it pertains to the Nile valley region and the people that lived in that particular region of Egypt which was discerned from the DSHR-T which means 'red' arid dessert region, so that excuse that KMT means black and so we are a black people is a dead argument refuted by many Egyptologists and people with common sense. Egypt was only one of our great empires. It was not the start of our great empires because many thousands of years before Egypt was established, we had many nations and not near one of them were named black and nor were the people calling themselves such. We have challenged every scholar and proponent of this argument to produce a contemporary source proving such and we are still waiting.

The matter of the various names given to our ancestors of Moorish descent, a people representing the skin tones of every race of the globe, was an act of European psychology. They gave our ancestors the slave labels of Negro, Black, Colored and Ethiopians (African American replaces this term today), these brands were then defined as something inferior to theirs. They took on the title "White" because it represents purity and God and it was opposite of black, but when you observe the skin tone of a European, you will see that it is not white at all, it is pale, genetically faded down over thousands of years from the brown skin tone that we, the Moorish progenitors of humanity have now. After the slaves were freed in 1865, the acceptance of these slave labels solidified the mental grip upon our people that persists until this day as there are no black or white people and yet, this notion, enforced by pseudo-scholastic doublethink, as at the forefront of our problems today because you cannot think past what you think you are. The "Negro/Black" people as they were called in this nation, have no nation to which they might look with pride. Their history starts with the close of the Civil war or more properly with his being forced to serve some one else. Thus he is separated from the illustrious history of his forefathers who were the founders of the first civilization of the Old World. Proof of this can be seen in February which is called "Black History Month." Every year since the inception of what I have to call a mental slavery enforcing program, stories are told about slave times and the tumultuous times after; but never is the history about the people who built the great and wonderful edifices of the old world documented or discussed via the public outlet. Today, you have many groups who fight for being black more than they will fight for anything else. These people are what the Koran of Mohammed call the deaf dumb and blind for the have ears to hear the truth and they reject it; they have a mind to discern the information that proves that we are not a black people and that this title was given us by the pale skin nations of Europe but they refuse to analyze it or reason it out; and they have eyes to simply look at their own skin and see that it is not black and that they are not a black people and yet, they refuse to see it.​

Now I want to bring you to Federal Directive 15 which was adopted on May 12, 1977 . Before we continue, let us review exactly what a directive is.

DIRECTIVE: Directives, used by United States Government agencies to convey policies, responsibilities, and procedures.

Federal Directive 15 was the policy used by the U.S. government to classify the different nationalities on this land. They give 5 definitions of race. How did they make this determination? Well on the Census Bureau website, it says:

“These classifications should not be interpreted as being scientific or anthropological in nature”[1]

Meaning, it does not care how you look, what your phenotype is, or what haplogroup/gene pool you are in at this current moment. So let us analyze these definitions:

The basic racial and ethnic categories for Federal statistics and program administrative reporting are defined as follows:

  • American Indian or Alaskan Native: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North America, and who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.
  • Asian or Pacific Islander: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands. This area includes, for example, China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippine Islands, and Samoa.
  • Black: A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.
  • Hispanic: A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.
  • White: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.

I want you all to look at the definition of white above. Now one must ask themselves the question, how many so called "white people" do you know that have their ancestral origins in any of the “original peoples of North Africa"?​ Meaning their ancestral lineage comes directly from North Africa and we know this is just not so. Notice, the definition of black, it says “A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.”

Peoples of Chinese and Japanese descent were always called Yellow people by the Europeans. The American Indian tribes were always called red people by them as well and yet, you never hear Chinese or Japanese people screaming “Yellow power!” or American Indians screaming “red power!” This is because they know that they descend from nations and tribes, not colors. Color in law means false and something colored is that which has been painted stained varnished or dyed. Are you that? Notice that for the Native Americans, they did not use Red as a classification. Notice for the Asians or Pacific Islanders, they did not use Yellow as a classification but only so called black and white people (Moorish Americans and European Americans) were given these false designations and only those people on both sides of this coin adhere to these false color coded titles today. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN COLOR BUT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH STATUS! Black being the lowest and white being the highest. Now let us show and prove.

First, I want you to notice for the definition of black, it did not name any nations like the other definitions. For the definition of white it names various regions. For black however, it basically said that everybody from Africa is black. Now I want to expose you to some very shrewd legal trickery.

Mostafa Hefny, a businessman in Detroit who was an immigrant from Africa (Egypt), working towards naturalization as a U.S. citizen. He had heard that the SBA (small business association) was granting loans to "Black-owned" businesses. He applied and was turned down on the grounds that he was not "Black." The Small Business Administration's explanation, according to the Detroit office, was that "Black" loans are intended only for those whose ancestors suffered under slavery and Jim Crow. That he cannot simply "waltz in from Africa" and claim to be Black. Hefny demanded a formal hearing and lost. The excuse changed however. The court ruled that federal regulations forbid immigrants from “North African” nations (including Egypt) from calling themselves "black," no matter what they look like. He lost his appeals and because of the federal guidelines, he was still ruled to be white. This proves exactly what the federal directive states when it says that “These classifications should not be interpreted as being scientific or anthropological in nature.” So how is it in one hand, the definition of black is confined to any of the black racial groups in Africa, but in Mostaffa Hefney's case, he was given the classification of white? It is because this Federal Directive is designed for you, the Moors of America who are the Moabites. This was enforced through the 14th amendment and its provisions. This case was first brought in 1996. It is now 2013 and Mostafa Hefney is still fighting to be classifed as black becauese it is obvious that he does not understand why this system was designed in the way it was, and that is to keep the so called negro/black (same word different language) mentally enslaved and forever subserviant. For more on that story

We find this same exact instance, in the reverse, in the annals of American history. Before the Europeans formed themselves a nation here, Moors were already living on this land. In 1654, English explorers reported a colony of bearded men in North Carolina who called themselves Moors and dropped to their knees while praying to Allah and they were proficient in silver smelting thus proving that the Moors were already on this land practicing Islam. The Moors in the south were also called Turks but that designation was specifically applied to those whom were of lighter olive tone shades and adhered to Islam. In 1670 Turks and Moors were excluded from slavery by the Virginia National Assembly.[2] These Moors were given “FREE WHITE STATUS” as was the case of eight Moors in 1790 that pushed the Moors Free and Sundry Act. The Moors Sundry Act of 1790 was passed by South Carolina legislature, granting special status to the subjects of the Sultan of Morocco. It recognized Moors as "white people" with Jury duty as a privilege afforded to the free society. Moors under the Sultan of Morocco were not to be subjected to laws governing Negroes and slaves[3]. The Sultan of Morocco was a Moslem and under the laws of Islam, the European could not hold those who recognized their Islamic roots especially if they traced themselves to the Sultan during the times of peace and amity. I will have more on this in future expositions posted on this website.

n speaking as to why the native Moors fell on this land, Prophet Noble Drew Ali said at Ch. 47 vv. 16-17 of our Moorish Holy Koran:

Through sin and disobedience every nation has suffered slavery, due to the fact that they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers. That is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in 1774 and the word negro, black and colored, was given to the Asiatics of America who were of Moorish descent, because they honored not the principles of their mother and father, and strayed after the gods of Europe of whom they knew nothing." 

Notice that the Prophet specifically said that the nationality of the Moors were taken away from them and the slave labels were placed upon the Asiatics of America who were of Moorish descent. How did this happen? History is our best guide. You see, we have been led to believe that we were just all brought over here by slave ships and from this moment on, those of us brought here were subject to a life of indentured servitude and this was simply not the case.

Antonio the Negro, as he was dubbed, was one of the first servants of Moorish descent in Virginia. He was brought to Virginia in 1621 and was listed as a servant. After a few years, he became free, got married, had children and owned land as any other person of European descent who was a servant in the colony could as servitude was not just confined to Africans as we have been led to believe. After being freed, Antonio accepted the new name, Anthony Johnson, and was so well off that he could purchase a slave and he did, a man named John Casar. Antonio's neighbors claimed his slave, but he won the lawsuit. Therefore, beyond any doubt, he had a wide range of rights: to marry, to own property or to sue. That put him into the position of a recognized member of the society because the "first 19" and those who came shortly after, were not farmed out as slaves, but mere servants[4]​. The absolute fact is that the first people brought over here were not brought over here as slaves, they were in fact brought over here as servants and when their servitude was up, they were released. Now, back to Antonio, he attained his social status mainly by assimilating himself into the popular culture, precisely as any servant could in previous times. In these times, before the harsh measures of indentured servitude were enforced on this land, freedom was measured by the degree of communal integration, not by the ability to secure individual autonomy. This means that people of Moorish descent disregarded the religion of their ancestors and would basically say "I'm in Rome, might as well do what Rome does." This brings us back to what the Prophet said when he said "because they honored not the principles of their mother and father, and strayed after the gods of Europe of whom they knew nothing." In Moorish doctrine it is taught that, a man's ideals is his god and that man's god today, tomorrow is not god. So we see that by following the European ideals, we would lose our freedoms bit by bit on this land until total domination and destruction of our cultures in America was complete. We further prove this. Antonio would marry a woman named Isabella and in 1625, the first child born to those of Moorish descent; who were captured and brought to servitude, was born on this land and they named him John Tucker. He was christened as a Christian in a Jamestown, Va church, and we can possibly point to this single moment as the fall of our people on this land. After this, scores of people of Moorish descent began to make the leap. Prior to what you were led to believe, scores of Moors from England began to come over here. Others came from Spain, Portugal, and the West Indies. These are they who were made Christians while in these lands and conditions were better here than they were in the place where their servitude was harsh and so they would flock here and did have rights as any other citizen of the colonies. For instance, in 1624, a man of Moorish descent named John Phillip testified against a man of European descent in a Jamestown court. His testimony was admitted solely on the purpose that he was "Christened in England 12 years since..."[5] From this, we can start to chronologically chart the downfall of our people as they accepted Christianity and also the name Negro which meant black. So now let us look at how the Christian saw black because this is vitally important.

Niger was a term used by Moors do designate all base things like certain four legged beasts[6] and things that the Moors saw as black represented death and non-production. This is the origin of the word Negro and the Moors first gave this name to the Niger river ages ago because of its murky muddy waters. The Moors are responsible for most of the Spanish language[7] and this is where we get the word Negro from. How the German word black came to represent Negro in the German language and its adoption into English is a mystery to this writer at this point but they mean the same exact thing. In Christianity, black was associated with death like in most ancient cultures as every religious system built off of more ancient ones. During wars between Christianity and Islam, the Christians would describe Moors as "black as ink." Not surprisingly then, blackness served as a point of castigation towards Moors whom they routinely compared to the devil, vice and sin. For example, Didymus the Blind, in his Commentary on Zechariah, wrote that Ethiopians are black because of their allegiance with the Devil, who is himself black because of his perversity and ignorance of their God and being that the Moslems of Islam did not recognize the God of Europe, you see why they cast this label upon their Moabite tormentors during the crusades. Commenting on Job 28:19, “The topaz of Ethiopia shall not be equal to wisdom,” Gregory the Great, in his Moralia in Job, explained that “Ethiopia” signifies the present world whose blackness is a sign of a sinful people. Jerome wrote: “People of the Ethiopians means those who are black, being covered with the stain of sin…In the past we were Ethiopians, being made so by our sins and vices. How? Because sin has made us black.” And Paulinus of Nola asserted: “The dragon devours the people of Ethiopia,who are not burned by the sun but are black with vice, sin giving them the color of night.These are the Ethiopians the serpent devours, being condemned to make them his food.”[8] The central idea in these writings is the symbolic equation of black with spiritual darkness and so the Moors, who have clear brown skin, are painted since the times of Christianity, as the black people, the people of vice and sin, the children of Canaan and Ham, who are subjected to be slaves fore ever according to their Christian doctrine.[any added emphasis to quotes are mines] ​

And so they, the Europeans, took the title white which has nothing to do with their skin tone whatsoever, but because they were a pale skinned people, and the Moors were dark brown, this interpretation was forged and the dye was set and picked up by other lighter olive tone humans even in the ranks of Islam by the very people we brought Islam to. This false stereotype has been embedded into psyche of our people. Many organizations besides the Moorish Science Temple of America, have accepted this Christianized label for our people which in 1774, became the legal designation for a slave. It is no wonder that we as a people never collectively, spiritually grew and it is because of two things 1) we promoted ourselves as a "black" people which we clearly are not and 2) because the majority of our people in the United States are Christians and do not know that by accepting the book of Christianity, they accept being slaves (Gen. 9:25-27) to these people and have become a people subjected to all types of abuse that other citizens care to bestow upon them.

This is the reason why Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet, was ordained by Allah to redeem our people from their sinful (black) ways. He came and said that we are NOT Negroes, Blacks, Coloreds, or Ethiopians (today African American) because these names were given to slaves by slave holders in 1774-1779 and lasted to 1865 during the time of slavery and that in this new era, men MUST proclaim their nationality to be recognized by the nations of the earth and the country in which we live. So long as you believe that you are black, then by under the 14th amendments incorporation's clause, you agree to be a servant because all so called black people or negroes were confiscated from the southern slave states that ceded from the Union in 1860. They were allowed to return and received all of their property back except for their slaves and this is why the beef with the southern based Republican right wing movement is at odds with the Democrats who purport to represent a liberal progressiveness. The Republicans would not mind having the disenfranchised Moors on this land remain that way and the Democrats enforce a false freedom and the citizenship of the so called black has been reduced to a legislative formality like "Gay American" and such citizenship are merely "creatures of legislation" not by any constitutional standards. This is what the Dredd Scott case was referencing.

The case before the court was that of Dred Scott v. Sanford. Dred Scott, a slave who had lived in the free state of Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin before moving back to the slave state of Missouri, had appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes of being granted his freedom.

Taney -- a staunch supporter of slavery and intent on protecting southerners from northern aggression -- wrote in the Court's majority opinion that, because Scott was black, he was not a citizen and therefore had no right to sue. The framers of the Constitution, he wrote, believed that blacks "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic, whenever profit could be made by it."

Referring to the language in the Declaration of Independence that includes the phrase, "all men are created equal," Taney reasoned that "it is too clear for dispute, that the enslaved African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration..." For this reason, Dred Scott Scott was not recognized as a citizen and so he had no rights that the Europeans were bound to respect. He recognized his own self as a negro/black man and thus there was no remedy for him. This was contracted into the constitution of the United States. The 13th amendment reads:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

And you can only guess why the United States has the largest prison population in the world with 84% of the people of Moorish descent, so called "black" people making up the majority of that population while making up only 12% of the total U.S. population. Such a number is staggering and it is our own fault. This is why Prophet Noble Drew Ali said all the way back in the 1920's that:

"So, I, the Prophet, am hereby calling aloud with a Divine plea to all true American citizens to help me to remove this great sin which has been committed and is being practiced by my people in the United States of America, because they know it is not the true and Divine way and without understanding they have fallen from the true light into utter darkness of sin, and there is not a nation on earth today that will recognize them socially, religiously, politically or economically, etc. in their present condition of their endeavorment in which they themselves try to force upon a civilized world, they will not refrain from their sinful ways of action and their deeds have brought Jim-Crowism, segregation, and everything that brings harm to human beings on earth. And they fought the Southerner for all these great misuses,but I have traveled in the South and have examined conditions there, and it is the works of my people continuously practicing the things which bring dishonor, disgrace, and disrespect to any nation that lives the life.And I am hereby calling on all true American citizens for moral support and finance to help me in my great missionary work to bring my people out of darkness into marvelous light."

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali was clearly speaking to an issue that we see inherit today. Big media outlets like CNN have continued with the enforcement of this stigma of blackness by airing whole specials on it. People like Al Sharpton fights to this day to maintain creatures of legislation like the voting rights act, which is wholly unnecessary unless you admit to being property of the government. There is absolutely no need for the voting rights act, the civil rights act, or any act legislated on behalf of the Moors unless, they want to be the property of that which was established by the federal government some 100 plus years ago. If you have a nationality like other nations on this land, these rights are already guaranteed you by the free national constitution of this land. Fighting for rights proves that you don't have them and fighting to maintain a privilege given you, proves you are still not viewed as a whole man, merely 3/5's of a person and so when the 13th amendment says "congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation" and we find the same exact language in the 14th amendment, it is no wonder our people accept and live by the lowest conditions of American life and no one is to blame but us.

"By you being born here, dont make you a citizen" ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali

You see, you were only incorporated as a citizen under the 14th amendment, you were never made citizens of this nation under the constitutional standards but it was by your own doing. Under the 14th amendment, everybody is a legal or juristic person which means that Wal-Mart, McDonalds, your big oil companies, etc., have the same exact rights as you do but these are only corporate fictions and to some extent, so are you. Prophet Drew Ali informed us that the 14th and 15th amendment was not necessary for the salvation of our people and citizens alike. He knew this way back then, most of your sovereign citizen and “Moor patriot” groups have just really found out about this since the early 1990’s and 2000's. The 19th U.S. President of these United States, Rutherford B. Hayes said "This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations." That says it all.

Sheik Way-El
Grand Sheik and Divine Minister
Moorish Science Temple of America
Subordinate Temple Atlantis

"So, there isn’t but one supreme issue for my people to use to redeem that which was lost, and that is through the above statements. Then the lion and the lamb can lie down together in yonder hills. And neither will be harmed because Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice will be reigning in this land. In those days the United States will be one of the greatest civilized and prosperous governments of the world. but if the above principles are not carried out by the citizens and my people in this government, the worst is yet to come, because the Great God of the Universe is not pleased with the works that are being performed in North America by my people and this great sin must be removed from the land to save it from enormous earthquakes, diseases, etc." ~ Prophet Noble Drew Ali


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